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Working in Basingstoke

Basingstoke is a great area to do business – which is why it’s home to global businesses of all sizes from a wide range of sectors. It’s got a lot going for it as a business environment, including strong road and rail connections to Reading and London, easy access to Heathrow and Gatwick Airport, a fast-growing population, and plenty of nearby countryside to unwind in. All of that means nothing, though, if there are no offices in Basingstoke that meet your needs.

We’re here to convince you that there are. If you’re looking for a Basingstoke office, here are eight of the main things you should be looking out for, and how the serviced offices at Worting House provide them.

Ease of use

It’s important that an office is easy to use, making your time there as efficient and productive as possible. This is no different in Basingstoke than anywhere else – the pace of life here might be slower than in London but that shouldn’t mean you’re any less productive at work.

We’ve built our Basingstoke offices to be as easy to work in as possible. They all come with superfast internet access already set up and the option for a dedicated phone line to make sure that nothing stops your productivity, and the spacious on-site car park and 24/7 office access make it easy for you to get to work when you need to. No more desperate searching for a car-parking spot needed.


It’s not only important to have all of the things you need to be productive, though, it’s equally critical to not have to do the things that make you less productive. The convenience of an office is an often overlooked feature, but anyone who’s had to look after their own office space before will know just how much of a difference it can make.

At Worting House, we make your Basingstoke office as convenient as possible in a wide range of ways. All of our offices are fully-furnished, saving you time and money, and serviced, meaning you don’t have time spend time cleaning or carrying out maintenance. We also offer services like phone call- and mail-handling, taking more off your hands so you can stay focused.


The demand for flexibility in office spaces is growing year by year, with businesses looking for more agility in general. Historically, offices were very inflexible, with long leases, lead times, and notice periods, but we’re aiming to change that alongside hundreds of other forward-thinking office operators across the country.

We prioritise moving new office tenants in quickly, usually within days of receiving your deposit payment. Even better, if you decide to leave your office at Worting House, you’ll be able to do so with just one months’ notice thanks to our no minimum term lease agreement.


Similarly to flexibility, it’s increasingly important for businesses to choose premises with high degrees of scalability. Speaking generally, companies are more dynamic than they used to be, with personnel coming and going more rapidly. That makes the benefits of having the ability to scale your office space up or down depending on your needs quite important.

Our Basingstoke offices are perfectly scalable, ensuring that you never pay for space you don’t need. Availability permitting, we can easily move you to a smaller office if your team shrinks or a bigger office if you’re growing. You can also use our coworking space as a free overflow area when you’ve got colleagues or customers visiting for the day.


Security has always been a main concern in choosing an office space. Offices are home to plenty of sensitive commercial information and expensive equipment so it makes perfect sense to want to make sure yours is as secure as possible.

We take security seriously at Worting House, with the entire premises fitted with access alarms and monitored CCTV cameras. As an office tenant, you’ll be given all the relevant access codes, alarm codes, and security keys – giving you free roam of the space 24/7 while still maintaining high levels of security.

Meeting room access

Although we live in the age of video-conferences and Zoom calls, there’s still no real replacement for an in-person meeting. We believe that meetings will always have a place in business, which means that meeting room access is a really important part of any office.

At Worting House, you don’t just have access to one meeting room – we’ve got a full suite of them, all designed for different purposes. From our smallest meeting room for 1-1s to our largest training room with capacity for 28, you can book access by the hour, half-day, or full day. And as an office tenant, you get reduced rates and priority access to all of our meeting and training rooms.


Offices aren’t just about working – we spend too much of our time in them to not also consider what amenities are nearby. Whether it’s to take lunch, blow off steam, or just have a bit of fun, it’s important that you have access to amenities that make your workday more enjoyable.

The amenities at Worting House do just that. Our on-site courtyard cafe, More Of The Good Stuff, gives you a convenient place to grab breakfast, lunch, or a hot drink to take away or eat in. We also have a built-in wellness suite which is used by wellness practitioners of all kinds and we’re planning to add an on-site gym and nursery in the near future.


Finally, one of the least appreciated qualities of a good office – the setting. We believe that where you work has an impact on how well you work. If your office is in a boring, soulless, bland area, you might not ever do your best work. A calm, vibrant, or inspiring setting, on the other hand, can do wonders for your productivity.

It just so happens that calm, vibrant, and inspiring are three great words to describe the setting of Worting House. All of our workspaces are housed in a distinguished Grade II listed Georgian Manor, set in extensive peaceful parkland. You have free roam of the estate, so you can take calming lunchtime walks or enjoy a game on our tennis courts whenever you feel the need.

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