Using Virtual Services To Make Your Business Better

Virtual office services at Worting House

Affording a premium office space isn’t feasible in the short-term for some businesses, particularly small local enterprises that don’t have a huge amount of cash on-hand. That doesn’t matter so much in terms of finding a space to work in, as home working, coworking spaces, and flexible offices are all good options for maximising productivity, but it does limit those businesses in other ways.

However, there are solutions that can be adopted to minimise or altogether eliminate those limitations. Virtual services like those on offer at Worting House are one of them, helping small and medium businesses without a permanent business address still benefit from the advantages an office offers without the costs.

These are four of the main ways using virtual services at Worting House, Basingstoke can help to make your business better.

Prestigious business address

The most basic virtual office service is the use of your virtual service provider’s address as your business’s. A business address is useful in many ways, but the most fundamental use case is to help you avoid having to use your home address for correspondence and business listing information. This means you don’t have to risk your privacy at home, and can create a healthy detachment between home life and work life.

One of the lesser talked about benefits, though, is what your business address actually says about your business. A home address, whether it’s a house or flat, can look unprofessional to potential customers or clients. A virtual address at a prestigious business centre or coworking space, on the other hand, can help to legitimise your business at a first glance and inspires confidence in your size and standing.   

As an added benefit, a virtual address can also improve your digital marketing strategy, particularly if your business is focused on serving local customers or clients. Local search engine optimisation (SEO), in particular, often relies on you being able to demonstrate your relevance to local searchers. Having a valid business address in the right area can go a long way towards enabling you to rank for the local keywords you want to. 

Mail handling

Another core virtual service, mail handling is an extension of your virtual address. It’s typically a fairly basic service, allowing you to use your virtual address as a mailing address for incoming mail, but Worting House also offers outgoing mail services, too.

The benefits of mail handling services are easy to understand: you won’t receive business mail at your home address, you don’t have to be there to collect any incoming mail, and you can cut down on the amount of time you spend packaging and sending outgoing mail. It’s just like having a concierge – freeing you up from having to think about mail at all.

Virtual receptionist

A virtual receptionist is perhaps the most useful virtual service, with benefits ranging from making your business look more professional to freeing you up from the distractions that incoming calls cause. 

With a virtual receptionist service, you get a dedicated telephone number that you can use as your main contact line. The difference from a regular leased line, though, is that you don’t have to answer the phone. Instead, a receptionist will pick up incoming calls for you using your business name, and either forward them on to you or take a message, depending on your preference. At Worting House, this extends to out-of-hours calls, too, so you never have to worry about missing an important call.

On-demand workspace access 

As a final added bonus, the virtual services packages on offer at Worting House also come with flexible, on-demand access to our workspaces. That means if you ever need a place to settle in for the day and get productive, you can get reduced rates on a flexible office or hot desk. You even get on-demand access to our sophisticated meeting rooms for when you’ve got guests but nowhere to host them.

Virtual services at Worting House

Our virtual services are available in bespoke packages that you build yourself, meaning you can choose the features you want and avoid paying for the rest. Find out more about virtual office services in Basingstoke here, or contact us to request a quote today.

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