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Work takes up a large part of our lives. If you get eight hours of sleep a night and work 40 hours a week, over a third of your waking time is spent doing your job. That makes the spaces we work in really important. If we’re going to spend that much time in them, they need to be built to make us feel good.

Although the topic of wellbeing at work has come on a long way in recent times, there are still plenty of work environments that don’t prioritize the health and happiness of the people who work there. We’re here to explore why that’s a big mistake, and what we’re doing at Worting House to make sure it’s a delight to work here.

Why wellbeing at work is so important

MIND’s annual Workplace Wellbeing Index attempts to measure the effects that mental health has on people at work and how well employers do in supporting their wellbeing.

In the most recent report from 2020-2021, respondents were asked how poor mental health affects them at work. Their responses included:

  • 74% saying it affects their concentration
  • 52% saying it causes them to put off tasks
  • 47% saying it contributes towards unhealthy habits

Poor mental health doesn’t just affect performance in the workplace, though. It’s also one of the leading causes of absence. In 2019-2019, for example, 54% of all working days lost were due to stress, anxiety, or depression.

These stats show that both employers and employees are negatively impacted when people are suffering with their mental wellbeing. The numbers are too big to ignore, highlighting just how important it is that workplace wellbeing is take more seriously.

What makes a workplace good for wellbeing?

Lots of factors that affect people’s mental health are completely detached from the workplace. Bereavement, issues at home, and isolation are just some examples of things that can contribute to stress or other mental health conditions.

But the workplace does play a part too. The HSE reported that people who suffered work-related stress, depression, or anxiety quoted factors like their workload being too high, their employer not providing enough support, and a lack of control over their working habits.

Addressing issues like these is the responsibility of businesses. By ignoring the impact that their choices have on the people they employ, they’re actively contributing to a culture of poor mental health.

And there’s no shortage of things they can do to prioritise the mental health and wellbeing of their employees, including:

  • More flexible working habits – One survey on the effects of flexible working showed that 39% of people say it helps them to reduce stress and better manage their mental health.
  • Access to outdoor spaces – Another survey showed that offices that are built with access to nature boosted employee wellbeing by 15% and productivity by 6%.
  • Addressing workplace loneliness – One in five people feel lonely at work, which can be minimised by giving them more collaboration and socialisation opportunities.

Features to boost wellbeing at Worting House

We’ve designed Worting House to be a workplace that prioritises wellbeing for everyone who works here, from the businesses who call our offices home to the freelancers who use our coworking space. Here’s just some of what makes Worting House a place to feel good while you work:

Parkland setting and outdoor spaces

Worting House is set on acres of beautiful green parkland. It’s a peaceful environment free from the distractions of the city, and the perfect environment for stress-relieving walks and quiet moments in nature. There’s also a courtyard café with shelters for when it rains, which gives you the chance to enjoy your lunch outdoors in the fresh air whatever the weather.

Gym membership deals

Aspects of Fitness is a well-equipped gym that neighbours Worting House, providing the perfect setting to keep fit and active around your work schedule. We’ve collaborated with them to give our members access to a great introductory offer and ongoing membership discount, too!

On-site wellness suites

We built purpose-designed wellness suites into Worting House, providing wellness professionals with a space to set up and offer treatments. From masseuses to reflexologists, wellness practitioners of all sorts make use of our wellness suites, meaning you’re never far from a treatment should you feel you need one to unwind.

Flexible working options

Our space is built around the idea that flexible working is the future, and we give businesses the opportunity to choose the best way of working for them. For some, that’ll be a flexible office space that can grow or shrink with their needs. For others, it’ll be a desk in our coworking space that can be used flexibly when it’s needed.

Year-round events calendar

The grounds of Worting House often play host to events put on by More Of The Good Stuff. From visiting theatre companies to monthly quiz nights, there’s always something going on that can keep you busy, give you a much-needed source of fun, and help you meet other people in the local area.

The future of wellbeing at Worting House

We’re not done yet, either! We’ve got plans for more features that are designed to make Worting House a better workplace for wellbeing in the near future, including an on-site gym, a children’s nursery, and even jogging trails on our grounds.

We’re committed to keeping Worting House on the forefront of what’s possible with regards to wellbeing at work, and can’t wait for you to see what we’ve got planned.

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