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The Next Era Of Flexible Workspace

Flexible workspaces have a longer history than you might think, with the concept going back to at least 1966 when a company called OmniOffices set up the first shared office space. But a lot has changed since the 60s, and flexible workspaces have had to continually evolve to maintain their relevance in a sector that never stays still.

We know a lot about evolution here at Worting House – a building that has held many different roles in its 300+ year history – and we’re no strangers to the process of adapting, upgrading, and building on an idea. Since 1988, when Worting House’s current role as a serviced office provider in Basingstoke began, we’ve made constant improvements to our offering to make sure all of the businesses that call our house their home can thrive.

The way we all work has changed a lot over the last decade, so it’s only right that our workspace reflects that. The most recent refurbishments we’ve made at Worting House, fully rolled out over 2021, were designed to make it truly appropriate for the next era in the flexible workspace sector. What does that next era involve? The way we see it, the future of workspace is:

  • More flexible – Flexibility is only getting more important, with businesses of all sizes around the world adopting hybrid working models. The next era of workspaces should be available on highly flexible terms, with various ways of working and no restrictive long-term leases.
  • Tech-enabled – Modern technology has already become an essential element of a workspace, with increased demand for video conferencing, on-demand online booking capabilities, and more necessitating workspaces that better integrate technology.
  • Designed for wellbeing – Wellbeing is a hugely important factor in how well we work, and workspaces should be designed around the aim of creating an environment that enables people to be at their best. No bland grey cubicles, more spaces built for humans.

Reaching the future of workspace will be an iterative process, it’s not going to happen overnight. But here at Worting House, we’re dedicated to the goal of keeping up with the sector to ensure that we’re at the forefront of what a workspace can offer. Here’s a summary of everything that makes Worting House a next-generation flexible workspace.

Coworking facilities

Firstly, we committed to coworking by opening our brand new dedicated coworking space, The Lodge in 2021. This open-plan area is filled with hot desks, dedicated desks, and private rooms, perfect for freelancers, remote workers, entrepreneurs, other solo professionals, and even small teams.

Access is available on a day-basis or a monthly membership, and the space is equipped with everything you need to enjoy a productive day at work, including comfortable furniture, access to bookable meeting rooms, and a quiet zone.

More flexible working options

As a result of the opening of The Lodge, Worting House now offers more flexible working options than ever before. Businesses and professionals can now choose from a hot desk, dedicated desk, or private office depending on their needs, and all of our working options are available on highly flexible terms.

If you only need a workspace for a day, you can get access to a single desk or private office for a daily rate. If you’re looking for something more long term, you can get a serviced office space on terms that mean you’re able to scale your space as you grow or shrink and leave with just 30-days’ notice.

New technology

Technology isn’t a nice-to-have anymore, it’s an essential feature of any modern workspace. During our latest round of refurbishments, we focused on integrating all of the useful technology you need to thrive at work into Worting House’s facilities.

Two of the highlights are the 1GB leased line that delivers ultra-fast and secure internet throughout the building and the brand-new meeting room technology. We completely redesigned some of our meeting rooms and refitted them with fantastic AV equipment, meaning they’re now perfectly suited to HD video conferencing.

Modern interiors

We also brought the interiors throughout Worting House firmly into the present, creating a more comfortable, sophisticated, and inspiring environment. As always, though, we took great care to maintain the original features that lend Worting House so much of its charm, including impressive marble fireplaces dating back to the early 19th century!

We believe that the environment that you work in can contribute to how well you’re able to work, so the interior refurbishments were designed around the aim of creating a setting that helps you to focus all through the day.

On-site wellness suite

Personal wellbeing plays an important role in helping us work to the best of our ability, but it’s not always straightforward making space to integrate some ‘you time’ into a busy schedule. Our dedicated wellness suite was designed to address that exact problem.

We’ve created a space that’s perfect for professionals in the health and wellbeing sector to use as a base of operations, containing therapy and consultation rooms that can be booked flexibly. That means there’s often a wellbeing service, whether that’s a masseuse, therapist, or something else entirely, available right on your office doorstep.

On-site café

Finally, More Of The Good Stuff, the courtyard café in our beautiful grounds, opened in 2020, providing the perfect spot for lunch or a coffee break during the workday and also offering corporate event catering services. More Of The Good Stuff also hosts a range of events year-round, including the monthly quiz and curry night, meaning it might just become a regular feature in your social life, too.

What’s next?

It’s been over a year since we rolled out the majority of the upgrades to Worting House that made it suitable for the next era of flexible workspace, and all of the new features and facilities have had a huge impact. But we’re not done yet. 

We’re committed to staying at the forefront of what’s possible from a flexible workspace into the future, and already have plans for what’s next at Worting House. From an on-site nursery to jogging trails on our grounds, we’re so excited to get working on the next set of changes that will make our workspace even better.

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