Our On-Site Wellness Suites

Our wellness suites offers rooms designed to be the perfect space for you to deliver wellbeing services and corporate wellness programmes. Help your clients or employees refresh, recharge and reflect.

Comfortable And Private Wellness Rooms

Whether you’re delivering one-to-one wellness services for clients or employees or corporate wellbeing programmes for your whole team, you need somewhere that offers privacy and a welcoming atmosphere.

Wellbeing can be a sensitive topic, and your clients or employees need to feel safe and comfortable enough to express their feelings. That’s why our wellness rooms are designed to be comfortable, private and inviting. We’ve created safe spaces that support your wellbeing services.

Set Up To Meet Your Requirements

We want to make sure our wellness suites are perfect for your needs. Before you arrive, we’ll ask about your wellbeing services or programmes to better understand your requirements. For example, we’ll ask how many clients/employees you’ll be working with and whether or not you’ll need any equipment.

We’ll make sure you have everything you need to deliver excellent services, therapy or wellbeing programmes.

Flexible, On-Demand Access

We know your needs and requirements are unique, so we offer flexible, on-demand access to our wellness rooms. You can book our wellness suites by the hour, half-day or full-day.

This means, even if you experience increased or decreased demand for your wellbeing services and programmes, you can make sure you have the space you need when you need it to deliver an excellent service to your employees or clients.

Why Choose Worting House Wellness Suites?

Worting House is the perfect location for wellness activities, programmes and services. While serviced offices are at the heart of our business, we pride ourselves on offering a working environment that prioritises wellbeing. We’ve created a space that’s free from the usual stresses of office-life. The modern facilities are within a Grade II listed Georgian manor house, surrounded by beautiful parkland.

The serene surroundings of Worting House provide a peaceful background that’s free from distractions. Our tranquil setting encourages people to take a break from work and enjoy the time and space to refresh, recharge and reflect. We know that wellbeing is key to productivity and success.

Book Your Free Wellness Suite Tour Today.
See For Yourself What Makes Worting House So Special.

Book Your Free Wellness Suite Tour Today.
See For Yourself What Makes Worting House So Special.