Worting House Joins Catalyst

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve become part of the Catalyst family! Catalyst is a new platform that highlights the best independent flexible workspaces across the UK, helping businesses find a space that suits them. But before we go into more detail about the platform, it’s important that you know a little bit of background information that explains why it exists in the first place.

The rise of hybrid working

After we all worked from home for months on end in 2020, it became clear that not everyone has to be in the office in person every day. After the work from home mandate was dropped, lots of businesses both large and small maintained their new, more flexible approach to office attendance, using the hybrid working model to give employees the chance to split their time at work between the office and their own home.

The hybrid working model opens up a lot of exciting opportunities – not least of which is the possibility of enjoying a more balanced work-life. When you don’t need to make the commute into a city centre office every day of the week, the time you reclaim can be spent on whatever makes you happy, which is a win no matter which way you look at it.

However, hybrid working does have one potential problem holding it back from being the perfect solution. While some of us are lucky enough to have a dedicated space in our homes that can serve as an office throughout the working day, not everyone has that luxury. In fact, for some people, home isn’t a suitable working environment at all – whether that’s because it’s filled with distractions, limited by poor internet connection, or something else entirely.

Flexible workspaces as a solution

Flexible workspaces like Worting House are the perfect solution to this problem – providing high-quality, well-equipped spaces that can be used flexibly to provide individuals, small teams, or entire businesses with a viable office environment that’s closer to home.

People who don’t have the option of working from home (or simply feel more motivated in an office environment) can make use of flexible workspaces near them on their days ‘at home’ under a hybrid working model and get the best of both worlds – a shorter commute and increased flexibility while still reaping the benefits of an office environment.

We were recently featured in an article in The Times that centred around this exact point, highlighting 10 of the best places to move in the UK for hybrid working and flagging a nearby flexible workspace for each that can serve as your ‘office away from the office’. Proudly representing Basingstoke as the leading choice for a hybrid workplace in the area, we sat alongside other independent rural workspaces including The Hive in Cranbrook, Kent and Mill House in Wooburn, Buckinghamshire.

That got us thinking about how else we could be found by people searching for an outstanding independent workspace near them, which is how we were introduced to Catalyst.

A handpicked collection of the best flexible workspaces

Catalyst is a new platform that brings together the best independent flexible workspaces across the country, all handpicked for their quality and uniqueness. It’s a one-stop-shop for people to find a new workspace near them, whether they need a space to use as part of a hybrid working model or a new office for full-time use.

Emphasising the individuality of each workspace, it’s a way for places like Worting House to be found by anyone looking for something a little bit different. Along with other spaces like Embassy Tea House in London, Fetcham Park in Surrey, and Old Bond Store in Southampton, we’re proud to be members of what’s an exciting new development in the world of flexible workspaces.

Take a look at the spaces that are already part of Catalyst today and get excited about a new age of flexible workspaces that are perfectly suited to making hybrid work better for you.

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