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It’s easy to see an office space as just a place to work, but the truth is that they can be so much more. We’re not talking about the traditional idea of an office here – which we all know as generally bland, grey, and depressing – but instead spaces that are actually built for the people who use them.

These offices are lively, interesting, and, above all, useful. And they’re invariably serviced. A serviced office is a space that’s yours to use how you like, but comes fully-furnished, is managed for you, and includes all the amenities you need to maximise productivity. If you’re considering a new workspace, a serviced office is a compelling choice because of all the benefits they offer. Here are some of the highlights.


Firstly, serviced offices offer massively increased flexibility over a traditional office space. You’ll have much more choice over how long you use the office for and how much space you need, and won’t be restricted to the same space if your needs change because of a growing or shrinking team. In uncertain times, a serviced office gives you a reassuring amount of control.


The flexibility that comes as part and parcel of a serviced office also offers an additional benefit in the form of cost-efficiency. When you have the choice to only pay for as much space as you need, and are able to scale your space up or down depending on changing requirements, you can optimise the amount that you spend. What’s more, serviced offices help you to avoid the vast majority of the secondary costs that are part of leasing a traditional office, including the costs of furniture, decorative work, internet, utilities, cleaning, and management.


The ‘serviced’ in serviced offices refers, mainly, to the fact that they come inclusive of all cleaning, maintenance, and management services. This is one of the biggest strengths they offer, taking the load off you and freeing you up to focus your energy where it’s best spent – on growing your own business. Reassured in the knowledge that all upkeep in the office is managed for you, you’re able to maximise your productivity and get the most out of your new space.

Quick access

As a result of coming fully-furnished and equipped with everything needed to get work done, serviced offices also offer the quickest move-in process out of all of the options. Unlike a traditional office, where your first weeks will be spent decorating, building desks, installing internet, and ironing out unexpected creases, moving into a serviced office is a walk in the park. Simply turn up, plug in, and get started.

No long lease

Similarly to how easy it is to get started with a serviced office, you’re also able to leave on terms that are much more of your own choosing than with a traditional office. Instead of the long leases that are characteristic of the office market, serviced offices often operate on monthly or annual renewal, meaning you’re never locked into a space that you no longer want or need.

Amenities on tap

Serviced offices also often come with access to useful amenities in the workspace, including kitchen areas, breakout spaces, and meeting rooms. These amenities help to fill in the gaps that serviced office have compared to traditional office spaces, ensuring you still have access to all the things you need for a productive day at work.

Networking opportunities

Building connections is a big part of business, but it’s difficult to do when you work in a private office completely separated from your neighbours. Serviced offices, however, are often part of flexible workspaces which also contain common areas, business lounges, and coworking zones. This open environment gives you the opportunity to be in direct contact with other businesses, freelancers, and remote workers, and with that comes the chance to network and forge new business relationships.


The social benefits of serviced offices go beyond networking opportunities, too, also often opening up whole new social circles to you and your employees. Flexible workspaces, in which serviced offices are often housed, are the perfect social setting and often make the most of that with events that bring serviced office neighbours and coworking members together. An office that helps you find new friends is never a bad thing.

Make the switch to serviced

If you’re looking for a new office space and like the sound of the above benefits, a serviced office is well worth considering. Find out more about the serviced offices available at Worting House and get in touch if you’d like to come and take a look around.

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